running The Bath & West Steam Railway

Junior Club Sunday July 7th  email for more details   

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Mission Statement

The club exists to provide members with an environment in which they can pursue their interests in model engineering. Additionally we also support the B&W Society at show ground events providing an opportunity for the public to ride on and enjoy the results of our labours. As a registered charity we additionally aim to provide opportunities for the education & participation of the local community, school and disadvantaged children in our hobby.

We are governed by our Memorandum of Association.

All of which means we get together, build things and love talking about them; so we built and now run a model railway!

Annual membership runs from April 1 to March 31 of each year: rates for the different types of membership are as follows:

Joining in: Ordinary Family Associate Junior
  aged 18 or over 2 adults, 2 children under 18 aged 14 to 17 aged under 14
April 1 – June 30 £50 £100 £14 £3 for 12 months

This subscription is intended to cover all administration, the newsletter, insurance premiums and activities related to our meetings. The development of the Bath & West Showground site will be funded by ticket sales and donations.

ESSMEE welcomes members of the public with their own locomotives or traction engines. In the first instance, please contact us by email. For safety and legal reasons the following conditions apply:

  • Your locomotive must be in sound working condition.
  • Steam locomotives must have a current applicable boiler safety certificate.
  • We need to know the weight of your locomotive for handling purposes.
  • You must know how to operate the locomotive you are bringing and know how to recognise the signals at the club.
  • You must have 3rd party public liability insurance. Additionally, you must sign in as a guest to be covered by the society's insurance.
  • Drivers under 16 will not be allowed to run on public running days. 


Info for members


Track open Saturdays



smilesmilePlease look at our facebook page - Bath and West Steam Railway - or contact us about joining. smilesmile