running The Bath & West Steam Railway

We are pleased to announce Drivers Day Experiences!
Come and enjoy the thrill of power and control as you drive locomotives round our ½ mile track. More Information. 

Mission Statement

The club exists to provide members with an environment in which they can pursue their interests in model engineering. Additionally we also support the B&W Society at show ground events providing an opportunity for the public to ride on and enjoy the results of our labours. As a registered charity we additionally aim to provide opportunities for the education & participation of the local community, school and disadvantaged children in our hobby.

We are governed by our Memorandum of Association.

All of which means we get together, build things and love talking about them; so we built and now run a model railway!


Our latest acquisition

Our latest acquisition. We are pleased to announce we shall soon be able to offer rides to wheelchair users. Watch this space!

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