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Articles and photo galleries from various members.

My Driver Experience day with ESSMEE at the Bath and West Showground Miniature Railway.

In May of this year, my wife and I visited the Royal Bath and West Show at Shepton Mallet, something we had been meaning to do for a long time! The show was fantastic, with a wonderful family atmosphere, and having both been brought up in the country, we felt right at home!

We went through all the exhibitors and eventually ended up at my favourite, the East Somerset Society of Model and Experimental Engineers permanent passenger carrying track.

Not so much an article as a big scary picture (well, scary for the mechanical boys)


It is several years since the upper yard was completed at the Bath and West Railway by those members most interested in 5" ground level, and shortly afterwards a second (lower) yard was added. From the start, access to the main line involved a rather complicated process, the Yardmaster first having to call up the signal box requesting permission to allow a train onto the main line.

7¼" gauge Warship class locomotive D808 “Centaur”.

After a gap of 25 years I returned to model making and was surprised to find that electric passenger hauling locos were now relatively common. And much quicker to complete than a steamer built from castings and pieces of bar and plate! So I built a 5" Gauge class 20 electrically powered loco from a Maxitrack kit. I very much enjoyed the building and it ran well. But I was interested to move up to 7¼" gauge and a good strong passenger hauler.


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