running The Bath & West Steam Railway

Junior Club Sunday July 7th  email for more details   

Will we see you at the Bath and West Main Show next weekend - May 31st, June 1st & 2nd? 

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Rides for the Next Steps Nursery is an annual event, where the club provides rides for the children who are leaving to go to their first primary school. In fact we had so many parents and children it caught us on the hop so we had to provide 2 trains. The rides lasted from 11.00am to midday approximately. They thanked the club with a donation of some chocolate biscuits and a rousing three cheers!

Later that afternoon we were visited by the Mendip Community School which was a first. They made contact through the Bath and West Society, as the children were being read a story about a special train. It seemed fitting therefore that we were approached and asked if we would give the children a ride, which of course we did.

Both schools enjoyed their time with us on a very pleasant summers day.