running The Bath & West Steam Railway

The society is offering the opportunity to drive one of its diesel locomotives in these Level 1 Courses.

It is not like driving a car and on a 7¼" track can be very challenging: the combined weight of the loco plus carriages is in excess of 2 tons (a mini weighs up to 1.4 tons) and it's not simply a case of pressing the accelerator. One recent trainee experienced a runaway train at 6mph!

Numbers are limited to just three each session. 

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Level 2 courses (ie Driving Steam Locomotives) are available to all members of the club.  

Agenda (starting at 09:30 or 14:00)

  • Arrival, mug of tea and a bacon sandwich
  • Safety briefing and some necessary paperwork
  • Tour of the workshop
  • Walking the line to identify features and look for hazards
  • Preparation of Shepton, our diesel, and identification of controls
  • Practical Driving
  • Debrief and certificates


The price is £45 and includes membership of the society for the remainder of the year.


The society does its utmost for the safety of its guests and insists

  • Guests must be over 21 years old
  • Guests must follow the instructions of the Club Driver.
  • Strong boots and old clothes are recommended - safety glasses and gloves will be provided.
  • The society reserves the right to refuse any guest for any reason
  • The society reserves the right to cancel or postpone any event for safety reasons

We regret that presently it is not possible for guests with disabilities because of the equipment being involved. We hope this can change in the future.

smilesmilePlease look at our facebook page - Bath and West Steam Railway - or contact us about joining. smilesmile