running The Bath & West Steam Railway

We are pleased to announce Drivers Day Experiences!
Come and enjoy the thrill of power and control as you drive locomotives round our ½ mile track. More Information. 

The Society held its first Spring Open Weekend on 21st and 22nd April 2018.

We were blessed with wonderful weather except for a short sharp shower on Saturday midday, and the rest of the time was full of activity, with the 20 or so traction engines enjoying the freedom of the extensive tarmac roads within the Bath and West Showground, and the locos enjoying frequent circuits of the recently repaired contractor-damaged track. A huge thanks to all those who battled against foul weather to complete this work.

Once again Richard Knott from Poole came with his Stanley Steam Car, giving many rides over the two days. The Club ladies did sterling service from start to finish serving bacon rolls and coffee to enginemen who had travelled from afar. They were in need of a rapid stoking up.  Everyone else also couldn’t resist the lavish fare served up, including all the cakes provided. Some £400 was raised by them to go towards the purchase of a special carriage for our disabled passengers, which is now on order.


Our latest acquisition

Our latest acquisition. We are pleased to announce we shall soon be able to offer rides to wheelchair users. Watch this space!

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